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IT is a central competition factor and we work to find the best solutions for our customers!

goodquest.IT Solutions actively provides consultation, as well as sales and technical implementation services. We use technology to generate added value for our business partners. We are a solution provider that is independent of all manufacturers, which gives us the freedom to find exactly the right software to meet your needs when it comes to database management, system management, license management and security, as well as the services associated with these. In order to provide you with the very best possible consultation and customer service, we call upon our many years of international experience and our global network. Because the solution orientation for goodquest.IT Solutions is not just in the company’s name; it is rather the obligation we feel, as well as what we demand of ourselves when it comes to ensuring that your technology and business requirements are optimally adapted to one another.

Branko Vukosavljevic, Managing Director Branko Vukosavljevic studied business administration and mathematics in Cologne and Düsseldorf. He began his career in IT in 1997. By 1999 he already held the position of team leader of the telesales department at a software manufacturer. In 2001, following a stint as key account manager, he changed to the position of territory manager for Eastern Europe in the distribution department of an internationally active American software company due to his multilingualism. Over the course of the almost 15 years that he worked there, he played a fundamental role in building up the company’s European business, which saw the company enjoy turn-over growth of several hundred millions of US dollars. The foundation of goodquest.IT Solutions GmbH in May 2015 now means that his extensive and in-depth knowledge today benefits the IT projects of groups and companies in the highend of the mid-market.


A strong team!

It is particularly the case in the project business that: The entire team is important and each and every member counts! All our IT specialists have many years of experience, the expertise and the personality. We are team players and we know the IT requirements in the areas of database, system and license management as well as security because we have been keeping a very close eye on the technological development on the market for many years now. The fact that we are an independent company also guarantees that everything we do is completely oriented towards meeting our customers’ needs. Our management is part of an international network and has extensive experience and understanding when it comes to dealing with different cultures and markets – with a particular focus on Eastern Europe. The most important things for us in this case are trust, reliability and respect. The management team is made up of two personalities who complement each other perfectly. Goal-oriented, charismatic, cooperative and competent:



Our consulting organization supports you finding the best software solution available for the IT challenges that you face on a daily basis.


As an independent solution provider with no ties to any manufacturer, our sales organization supports you in acquiring the software you need from our partners or suppliers.


Together with our partners, our professional services organization has the presence on the market, as well as the profound experience to support you in quickly achieving an added value from your IT investments.


Our training organization will provide you with the skills to make the most efficient use of your IT solution and manage it optimally.

In addition to that, we also have a broad network of partners in South & Central Eastern Europe and we can support companies that are on the look out for a possibility to expand with consultation and advice on entering the market and business development in this region.


We help customers to simplify the management of their IT infrastructure and this in turn means that they reduce their costs.

Our database management, system management, license management and security solutions support companies in meeting the challenges of IT management, improving the efficiency of IT processes and help to save time and money – and this above and beyond virtual and cloud surroundings.

Database Management With our database management solutions, you can automate development and administration of your database in order to increase productivity and achieve better performance, as well as lower administrative costs.

Security Our high-performance solutions in the area of security offer protection for your organization and your data – from terminal device, to data centre and right through to the cloud.

System Management Our system management solutions help you to optimize your IT infrastructure in order to improve your applications and service provision.

License Management With our software-license management solutions, you can acquire transparency with respect to the actual license use in almost real-time, reduce the costs resulting from over-licensing, prepare audits of software manufacturers and ensure compliance.


It’s working together that is important for us!

It’s working together that is important for us! We put our faith in partnerships with promising futures in order to be able to provide our customers with comprehensive portfolios that are oriented on the market’s development. We always tell our customer exactly what we, our partners and our solutions do, but also where it makes sense to set economic limits. The following technology partnerscomplement our solution and service portfolio: